Why The Thought Box

Why The Thought Box

I originally had the idea for The Thought Box in 2012. I had just started college, and as a Political Science major I realized early that there were more national issues than there were hours in a day for us to discuss them. I needed an outlet. But like most college students, I also wanted to go to football games, dance in night clubs, and procrastinate on most assignments till the night before they were due, so I found many things to distract me from my desire to discuss problems and reason out solutions. Four years later, and now a graduate I find again the desire to use educated discussion as a tool to solve world issues.

Perhaps it’s naive of me to believe that the mind with a solution to our climate problems is lurking in some corner of the internet waiting for someone to engage with them, many have argued I am foolish for believing we can talk through the conflicts in the Middle East, and even more have claimed I’m ill informed if I believe a generation of internet rats like the millennials will build anything, but I can’t lie… I have faith. I have faith that given the companionship of others who see what we can do, rather then what we can’t, the best of us will prevail. I have faith that problems don’t appear without solutions, and more importantly, that solutions come from informed discussion and conversation.

Maybe it’s all the Harry Potter novels I read as a kid, and maybe it’s idiotic optimism, but politically I see an opportunity for us to make great strides towards progress…

“There are two wolves fighting, one is division, darkness and despair, the other is progress, unity and equality. Which wolf wins? The answer is simple… which ever one you choose  to FEED!”