Political conversations are important. Deal with it.

Political conversations are important. Deal with it.

Please don’t ask me to hold my tongue.

In the last 2 days I have seen so many people in so many forums making statements that basically amount to “Trump won, politics is hard, the things they are talking about are boring, I’m just going to pray and hope God handles it, and who really cares anyway”. This makes me cringe…

Genuinely, I understand that it is difficult for people to process what happened in 2016 with the election, and that the thought of what lies ahead is daunting. People like me, those who live for politics, we woke up at some point in late November and decided that it was time to sound off. So many of my friends across the country and in DC had tossed on our armor and prepared themselves for a fight.

Personally, I made sure to pay closer attention (if you think I watched the news before you should see me now). I also realized that part of the reason we are where we are as a nation is because of apathy. I mean, how else does a man who has a 40% approval rating become president, to me those numbers said two things. 1) people don’t know what is going on and they don’t understand how it affects them or applies to their lives, and 2) people don’t believe that they have the power to make an impact.

That’s why I am so relentless. That’s why I share every single article I can vet and explain, that’s why I post important clips from Senate and House hearings. That’s why I spent time breaking down the whole affordable care act debate. That’s why I make fun of Donald Trump and point out what the man is tweeting about on any given day.

Believe it or not, I don’t want to force politics down anyone’s throat, I just want people to know what’s happening and not feel helpless. I want my little sister to know what is going on with the Department of Education, because I want her to be able to make plans for paying for college. I want my friend who’s married to a teacher to be able to advocate to our representatives or even the White House (if she wants) for investing in education and rewarding good teachers for their hard work.

I talk about politics and correct inaccuracies for my Mom, who called me all the time during the election confused about things she saw and heard online. I write about women’s reproductive health issues and share information because I want my girlfriends to know what’s happening. I want my friends who are currently on their parents insurance to go make sure they are medically ok now, because we don’t know what’s coming next.

I don’t want people I know and love to suddenly be blindsided when the reality of government decisions hits. That’s why I feel so passionately. Because you hear an argument about what to do with medicaid, and I hear an argument about whether or not my grandmother’s medicines are going to be affordable or not.

So, if that makes me a bitch, or means I lack humility, or anything else that people have said in the last few days… cool. But understand that people have encouraged me to not be so passionate my entire life and it has never worked. I don’t need you to like me I just need you to know what’s happening outside your front door. It might not have any impact, but at least I can sleep at night knowing that I made an effort, not just to participate myself (although I do that as well), but to encourage those around me to get involved, so that collectively we never find ourselves in a position like this again.


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